Obligatory links page

Every neocities site has one, right? Which means I have to have one, right? Right!

The InDiE wEb (including neociities)

leanne: my very very good friend from teh intar wubz! She's always got something new going on that's super cool so pay her a visit and compulsively hit refresh every few minutes to make sure you don't miss anything. (edit: NOOOOOOOOOOOO :< (link to funeral))

lu.tiny-universes.net: CUTE SITE. one of the first I fell in love with. there's just so much stuff. also cats.

angel-town: cinni's social media platform... type... thing? It's very nice. I met a few people there. I'm not on there much these days on account of school but regardless, join!

tilde.town: fun little pubnix. I'm on it. Join!

user-index: As much as the the majority of the lainchan webring makes me roll my eyes, this one is pretty funny. Run by two people who clearly like each other a lot, or at least act that way. Also from the lainchan webring: the bone zone (VERY SCARY!!!!!).

...that's about it. I need to know more people.

The real good stuff mmm mmm

The Uwu Language: the best auxlang.

Permanent Monday: In-depth analysis of Garfield strips. Is it satire? Is it serious? Does "satire" even mean anything? I suspect the author themselves could not answer that question.

Tom Chambers on Amazon: There's a Jenny Nicholson video in which she looks at spider reviews on Amazon and there's this one spider review from a guy named Tom Chambers. This is that guy's profile. His reviews chronicle the slow, painfully mediocre decline of his marriage. I'm not sure who he's writing for. He hasn't got much of an audience. His writing has that unmistakable peculiar sadness of regretful middle-aged men who find their spouses slowly drifting away from them and are unable to do anything about it. "...When I opened the door to the basement, I turned on the light and Gloria was standing at the bottom of the stairs. She'd been standing in the dark and practicing the poem she was going to read. The poem was called 'Babies.'" Highly recommended.

Bigger Luke: The greatest fan theory in existence. Stuff the shadowy world government is KEEPING from YOU. If you were involved in Star Wars fandom culture around a particular point in time, maybe 2015-ish?, this was unavoidable. (I say that like I was there.)

17776: I know lots of you have seen this already, but if you haven't: READ IT. Read it read it read it read it reasd it read tuit please god ujst read it i promise it is so good

Up All Night Movies: Reviews and more of all the best bad movies. So many of these are on my list. Includes such mangificent specimens as: Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama, I Was A Teenage Wereskunk, Hell Comes to Frogtown, Sharkenstein, Frankenhooker (notice a theme?), Chopping Mall, Bikini Med School...

The One True Wiki (fandom.com link; click here for Breezewiki if that's your thing): This one's really, really interesting. On March 25, 2013, Randall Munroe published xkcd comic #1190, a single panel drawing titled "Time". It continuously updated with a different image every hour, gradually telling a complete story over the course of the following four months. During those four months, a wholly unique subculture loosely centered around discussing and interacting with Time grew within the thread for comic #1190 on the now-defunct xkcd forums. Long after Time ended, the community remained and evolved, out of which eventually came this wiki. To give you an idea of just how deep and impenetrable the culture is, here's the wiki'sglossary. Imagine the lore for any discord server that's been around for a while, excetp much funnier, and much much MUCH deeper. This is adorable, as is this, as is this, as is this. Looking at this wiki is like standing at the edge of a cliff and staring down. I live for these rare moments of complete vertigo I get on the internet. It's all just so flutterbeewingish.

THE VORE-CODE (archive.org): A parody(?) of geek codes, but for... vore. Yep. Here's mine! --> VC_K_S_B_B_MA_XXY_900_F++_H_B+_MF_MF_V++_S++_S_R_N_SS_W+W-_S

Gizoogle: Fo' all y'all biotches who wanna find shiznit!

Best of Craigslist: Craigslist's very own best-of page, with all the Craigslist-type wackiness you could ever want. The best part is that it's still being updated, even now, in 2023! Y

i herd u liek webcomics

Dumbing of Age: Pretty well-written comedy-drama college roommate daily strip, considering the fact that it's a comedy-drama college roommate daily strip. Becky's my fave, not that you asked. Colossal cast of characters makes mind-bogglingly many perverted pairings possible (if you're into that).

Jerkface A-Hole (archive.org): Gaudy scribblings of a young misanthrope-in-training. Fun in a kitschy sorta way.

Darths and Droids: Star Wars, if it was a series of D&D campaigns. That sounds gimmicky and dumb but it's actually REALLY good. The writing is very clever and it's clear a ton of effort was put into it. There are also some genuinely sweet character moments. A Star Wars/D&D mashup was bound to happen at some point, and I just think it's pretty neat that we got one that was done so well!

Square Root of Minus Garfield: User-submitted edits of Garfield strips. Some are dumb memes, some are surreal for the sake of being surreal, and some are towering monuments to Jim Davis's bland commercialism told through painstakingly intricate design. Mezzacotta does love its postmodernism.

Bio Apocalypse: A horrifying 94-page epic written and illustrated by an actual 12-year-old. There's one part where -- minor spoiler warning -- the planet-sized mutant fetus picks up Mount Everest and hurls it at the freaking Moon. It's the most kickass thing in existence. This thing RULES.

The Brick Testament: This isn't really a webcomic, I just think it's kinda funny to think of it as one. It's a collection of stories from the Bible, retold in the form of thousands of morbid little Lego dioramas. Probably the second strangest retelling of the Bible on the Internet...

Dresden Codak: Sometimes if a webcomic has really great artwork, its writing is guaranteed to be just the worst. Sometimes the art is so good that it doesn't matter. Dresden Codak's artwork is probably that good. Happily, its writing is not the worst (on the contrary, it is pretty dang good). Yay Dresden Codak!

Other webcomics I enjoy but that you've heard of already: xkcd, Qwantz, Questionable Content between 2008 and 2014, Buttercup Festival, Axe Cop, Gunnerkrigg Court (you may wonder why I put all these down here when DoA and Dresden Codak get their own entries to which I say yeah I didn't really think this through)